Birds fly better with two wings.

Vautour (“vulture”) is the new project of DJ Janoz and VJ David Brunner, two veterans of the French electronic music scene. Since 1995, these two night birds have played in famous clubs, festivals and collaborated with major artists in France and abroad… In the last ten years they’ve worked on several small scale projects, getting to know each other. David Brunner’s mystical and mysterious images combine perfectly with Janoz’s tracks and selections. The latter’s music is informed by the joy and the invisible mystery which emanates from the dancefloor. Janoz’s mixes often contain artists from labels such as Kill the DJ, Karat, MyFavorite Robot, Warp, Ostgut ton, Chloë , Ivan Smagghe, Eckhochord, Ghosthly, Perlon ….

In a complex world, birds of prey are always around. The vulture is a bird of prey which feeds chiefly on carrion and this explains its crucial ecological function regarding other animals and human beings. This informs dj janoz new project based on dead and decaying techno tracks which are remade in a spectacular ecological and electronic upheaval for all species around the world. Have a nice meal!"